• PACLIC 36 (2022) will be hosted by De La Salle University. [2021/November/8: reported 2021/November/6]
  • PACLIC 35 (2021) will be hosted by Shanghai International Studies University. [2021/February/16: reported 2020/December/10]
  • The hosting bid for PACLIC 36 by Chiang Mai University was withdrawn. [2019/September/23]
  • The hosting proposal for PACLIC 35 (2021) by University of Indonesia in Bali, Indonesia and that for PACLIC 36 (2022) by Chiang Mai Univesity in Thailand were approved at the steering committee meeting. [2019/September/14]
  • The dates for PACLIC 34 (2020) at Vietnam National University will be October 24–26, 2020. [2019/September/13]
  • We have agreed to use ISSN: 2619-7782 for the proceedings from Proceedings of the 31st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation onward. [2019/January/9: reported 2019/January/10]
  • PACLIC 34 (2020) will be hosted by Vietnam National University and is tentatively scheduled around November. [2018/December/1: reported 2019/January/10]
  • Dr. Hee-Rahk Chae is succeeded by Dr. Jong-Bok Kim as a Standing Member representing Korean Society for Language and Information. [2017/September/19: reported 2018/February/4]
  • PACLIC 32 (2018) will be hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is tentatively scheduled for 1-3 December. [reported 2017/September/18]
  • PACLIC 33 (2019) will be hosted in Japan. A preliminary bid will be presented at the PACLIC Steering Committee meeting in Cebu to be held in Nobemver 2017. [reported 2017/September/18]
  • We noticed that the ACL Anthology is currently maintained at http://aclanthology.info/. Please check the following for PACLIC Proceedings volumes:
    [reported 2017/March/29]
  • We have been notified that Waseda University Library Institutional Repository DSpace (DSpace@Waseda University) was cloud-sourced to NII JAIRO Cloud (Waseda University Repository) as of January 25th of 2017, despite the Library’s initial commitment to keep the archive inhouse. Please check the following for PACLIC Proceedings volumes:
    [2017/March/21: reported 2017/March/21 and revised 2017/August/27 and 28 and 29]
  • Proposal to organize PACLIC 32 (2018) in Hong Kong was generally well received. Proposed dates are around 2018/12/08 and definitively after 2018/12/02. [2016/October/29: reported 2017/March/21]
  • Proposal to organize PACLIC 31 (2017) in Philippines was generally approved with the following minor revisions: [2016/October/29: reported 2017/March/21]
    • Linguistic Society of Philippines to be added as organizers
    • dates: 2017/11/16(thu)-18(sat) or 23(thu)-25(sat) or 09(thu)-11(sat)
    • partner societies: six linguistic societies to be listed as partner or associate societies
  • We revised our descriptions of “Keynote Speaker(s)” and “Invited Papers” in the PACLIC Guidelines and Conventional Wisdom section. [2016/April/28: reported 2016/April/28]