Important Notices Regarding Waseda University Library D Space Collection

  • The following notices do not apply to papers submitted for PACLIC 18 (and later).
  • For authors: PACLIC Steering Committee believe that they have been delegated the task of perpetuating access to PACLIC papers via respective organizing committees of past PACLIC conferences. They have then delegated this task via Research Group on Language and Information Sciences of Media Network Center at Waseda University to Waseda University Library. Although they believe that it is within their delegated authority to thus make the PDF files of the papers in PACLIC proceeding volumes and other PACLIC collections of papers accessible via the Internet, if you are (one of) the author(s) and you feel your right as the author(s) has been compromised, please contact us via email. We will try to disable access to the material as soon as we confirm proper authorship of the paper in question. Send your message to: paclic hyphen digital hyphen archive at decode dot waseda dot ac dot jp
  • For readers: The PDF files contained in the collection comes with OCRed text layers automatically produced by commercially available software. No attempts have been made to correct any recognition errors. These OCRed texts are provided mainly for generic search purposes and should not be relied upon as representing the original text of the paper. Specifically, certain technical terms and most proper names in our part of the world are highly susceptible to such recognition errors. Currently, there is no interactive way to correct any errors, OCR or otherwise, in the collection. In the future, a web page may be provided to report any errors found but at this moment we are not yet ready to provide such a service.

PACLIC membership

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Through a Scanner Darkly: A Personal Interim Report on the PACLIC Proceedings Digital Archive Project